Cool Easter kitchen gift ideas to consider for a loved one

It’s Easter season, a period to celebrate with families and friends on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Different countries have different traditions of how they spend Easter tide but one thing is common, the giving of gifts.This year, Easter Sunday falls on 16th April 2017.

A few days from now, and as such you must be thinking of what gift to present to your loved ones. In this article we will make it easier for you to decide, we will share the 30 top most Easter gifts idea to consider. Before that, a little information about Easter.

Pascha (Easter in Greek) is a festival that Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ since it signifies the triumph of death by Jesus Christ.

Interesting facts about Easter
• Easter does not fall on a set date unlike other Christian holidays, thus it’s called a moveable feast.
• The crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ happened during the Passover festival reason that’s why Easter is also referred to as Pascha.

Symbols associated with Easter festival

1. Easter eggs.

The Easter eggs symbolize the empty tomb that Christ was laid on while the red-dyed Easter eggs, symbolize the blood of Christ that was shed on the cross.

Entertaining Easter eggs activities for kids to consider:

a) The egg japing or tapping game.
This is a game where hard-boiled eggs are usually distributed among the players. The players then will hit the eggs against opponent’s eggs. The remaining egg that does not break is usually the winner.

b) The egg rolling game.
This game involves rolling eggs on a steep slope. The winner is usually the owner of the egg that is faster than the rest and does not break.

c) The eggs hunt game.
This is the most common game. It involves parents hiding eggs for the children to find.
d) The egg hop dance.
This happens to be my best game. Eggs are usually laid on the ground and the players are supposed to dance without breaking them.

2. Easter bunny

The Easter bunny is depicted to be the bunny that carries colored eggs and everything good in his/her bunny basket and gives them to kids that have been obedient. Guess the Easter bunny is the Santa Claus of Easter. Usually, parents, guardians and loved ones take this role and hide gifts for the children to find.
There is a legend that the Eostre, a goddess of spring and fertility, once found a bird that was dying from cold, touched and wanting to save the birds life she turned it into a hare. The bunny’s fur was able to keep it warm and so the bunny survived but continued to lay eggs. The bunny to show his gratitude started decorating the eggs to gift Eostre for saving her life.

3. The Easter Lilly

It’s said when Jesus went to pray in the garden of Gethsemane, the ground where his tears and sweat fell sprung the Easter Lilly. The Easter lilies are used to symbolize the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

4. The Easter basket

Remember the Easter bunny and the Eostre goddess tale? The Easter basket usage can be attributed to the Easter bunny since it used to carry the decorated eggs using a basket.
As a tradition by the early Christians, they were not supposed to take eggs among other products like meat (since that was their way of sacrifice) during lent period, so they would boil them for preservation purpose. Once the lent period was over, they would place them in a nest like baskets and enjoy their feast.

In the modern-day, the Easter baskets are mainly used as gifts or baskets to keep the gifts especially Easter eggs.
The major food items that are associated with Easter season are:
• Lamb- it’s greatly associated with the Passover festival.
• Eggs – as explained above.

Gift giving on Easter season.

One may ask why people give gifts on Easter season. It’s more of a way, to make it more fun for the kids and for them to better understand the season. But with time it moved from gift giving to kids and to loved ones. Thus gift giving has become more of an Easter tradition. It’s a way of expressing our love to our loved ones as we celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

Easter gifts ideas for our loved ones.

There are many gifts that one can give to our loved ones. While looking for the best Easter gift to present to a loved one, there are three major factors to consider:
• Budget. First, understand the amount of money you are willing and able to spend. This will aid in choosing your gift.
• Usefulness of the gift. Will the gift be used for that one occasion only and be tucked away never to be seen again.
• The durability of the gift in question.

Easter gifts ideas for children.

1. Introduction to baking set for kids.

2. Easter egg-shaped silicone bakeware.

3. Complete Children’s Cookbook

4. Easter bunny mug and bowl.


5. Cooking with curious chef cookbook.

6. Easter Bunny Cookie and Fondant Cutter.

7. Bakers kitchen Easter gift basket.

8. Toysmith Deluxe Chef Set.

9. My Easter Basket: Stories, Songs, Poems, Recipes, Crafts, and Fun for Kids

“Why the above gifts” you may ask?

1. She/he will be learning a new skill, a skill that will help them In future, more so the little ones that have a thing for cooking. Use this time to pass down some of the family cooking traditions.
2. While teaching her and baking, you will be spending quality time together. She will love that more that you can imagine since it will be a gift packaged with love. This might be one of the memories that she will remember the most.
3. The results will be some sweet cakes, muffins, cookies that the family will enjoy spreading the love to all.
4. Let the children share some of their confectionery, let them place some in the Easter basket and go and share with the less privileged children in your society, giving them a chance to be the Easter bunny to someone. “A little Easter magic share”

Easter gifts ideas for adults.

10. Camera lens coffee mug especially for camera lovers.

11. Easter recipe book for the home chef.

I have a feeling you will be “repaid” with some sweet delicacies.
12. The cookbook holder for the recipe book.

13. Easter baking special tools.

14. The Culinary Butane Torch.

15. Wine ziz opener for the wine lovers.

16. A bunny to do list planner.

17. Comfy adult aprons with different themes. (For the Easter theme, sexy boyfriend, and sexy girlfriend).

18. Clean dirty dishwasher magnet sign.

19. Corset double egg cup.

It safely holds 2 eggs; it can be a novelty gift for your man.

20. Easter wishes kitchen towel.

21. 16-Jar Revolving Spice Rack with Spice Refills for 5 Years


22. Special salt and pepper shaker with the holy cross.

Perfect gift for a church friend or colleague.

23. Some missing and needed smart appliances, kitchen utensils, bakeware, and furniture.

24. Last but not least, you. Avail yourself.

As you can see, gifts don’t have to be expensive or complicated. Remember to go through the Easter gifts category for more cool kitchen gifts not in the list above. So let’s share the Easter love. Happy Easter friends.



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