Sandwich maker reviews and buyer guide.

A good sandwich maker in your kitchen means you can quickly put together fresh and nutritious meals easily.

It means freedom from unhealthy preservatives and additives in sandwiches often loaded at fast food joints.

You most probably work fulltime, juggle two or more jobs, and attend school perhaps. With a grilled sandwich maker on your kitchen countertop and some sandwich maker recipes, nourishing meals become one less hassle to worry about.

The following sandwich maker analysis promises vital information as you go about picking the best sandwich maker.

Sandwich Maker Top 4 Summary Table

4 best sandwich makers

Hamilton Beach 25475A Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Deni Grill Griddle - Panini Sandwich Maker and Waffle Maker Combo

Cuisinart Sandwich Maker

Disney DCM-5 Classic Mickey 2-Slice Sandwich Maker, Black







3.2 Lbs

4 Lbs

2.9 Lbs

3.65 Lbs

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Hamilton Beach 25475A Breakfast Sandwich Maker



This Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker lets you enjoy nourishing and fresh sandwiches for breakfast.

You get to make gourmet sandwiches your way, right in the comfort of your kitchen.

A hearty breakfast remains a critical meal. Mornings can, however, be quite hectic, particularly if you are juggling jobs or you have a family. Coping with morning hunger pangs need not be a rush, gobbling down whatever comes handy or grabbing a quick bite as you go.

The Hamilton Beach 25475A Breakfast Sandwich Maker is about preparing fresh breakfast sandwiches. Simply pick you choice of layer fixings, be they pre-cooked meat, cheese, or eggs, and bread. Within a few minutes, your neatly assembled sandwich is ready for breakfast.

Making sandwiches for breakfast at home involves multi-step processes. You would need a toaster for the bread and two pans for the layering. This means additional cleaning up chores.

Use this Breakfast Sandwich Maker to whip up two gourmet sandwiches. It takes five minutes of cooking to make two sandwiches the easy way.

You will be able to know precisely how long it will be until the sandwiches are ready with the appliance’s built-in timer. It will emit a tone sound once your sandwiches are ready. This appliance lets you go hearty or healthy. Should indulging in a protein packed satisfying sandwich be your wish, this appliance is game.

Simply use a whole egg and your preferred meat or cheese layering. With exploration of healthy alternatives for breakfast while eating less processed food, this appliance proves a fitting partner.

Experiment with whole-grain bagels or English muffins. Work with additional layering such as egg whites, low-fat cheese, vegetables, or lean meat and pour syrup on the final product.

How to use the Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker.

It involves a simple process.

Place a bottom bread choice on the bottom plate.

Top this with layering ingredients such as cheese, vegetables and pre-cooked meats.

Next, lower the cooking plate and top ring.

Pierce the yolk from a cooking plate cracked egg.

Next, place the second bread selection on the egg and close its cover.

Rotate its cooking plate handle after five minutes until it stops.

Use an oven mitt to lift its ring assembly and lid using the bottom handle, and you are done.

Main Features

This product is gray, black, silver, or red in color, and measures 7 by 7 by 8.8 inches in dimensions.

It weighs 3.2 pounds and is made from non-stick material by Hamilton Beach, whose warranty is available from your customer care agent.

Its removable parts are dishwasher safeIt is an electric sandwich maker that works only where there is a power connection.
It makes two sandwiches at a timeStrict adherence to instructions is critical or a mess is the result.
Has a timer with audible tone for precise cooking 
Cooking surface are covered with non-stick, but durable coating 
Makes a hearty and hot breakfast sandwich right at home. 

The Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker recipes that accompany this appliance together create a highly recommended combination.

This is particularly fitting for that person who finds themselves too busy to make breakfast on most mornings. Or that person who loves working with different kitchen gadgets.

Deni Grill Griddle – Panini Sandwich Maker and Waffle Maker Combo

sandwich maker reviews


All over the world, a sandwich is an immensely popular food. Its popularity rests with its exciting recipe variety. It forms part of any meal, whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner, with all the nourishment a good meal brings.

For that person who loves sandwiches, the quest to make them better, faster, and easier is an ongoing venture. A fresh, nourishing, toasted, and warm sandwich can be made within a few minutes if you use stimulating sandwich maker recipes and a good sandwich maker.

An electric sandwich maker will let you fill your sandwich with great ingredients and proceed to cook it for you. Some appliances even have special features to make different dishes like waffles.

The Deni Grill Griddle – Panini Sandwich Maker and Waffle Maker Combo falls into this category.

The definition of the best sandwich maker would be incomplete if it is not one that meets your expectations while fitting snuggly into your budget outlay. This panini sandwich maker does exactly that.

The Beauty Of Its Applications

Sandwich definitions abound but a basic description refers to a food dish that consists of fillings stuffed between two or three slices of bread. The fillings come in wide varieties including shredded chicken, cheese, vegetables, eggs, bacon, and tuna, among others.

Numerous sandwich recipes exist where you can go for fresh vegetables rich in vitamins and little fat. Other choices include eggs, bacon, tuna, and eggs, all rich in minerals and proteins. Additional favorites, such as mayonnaise sauce, garlic sauce, and ketchup drippings, supplement the piquancy.

Where Panini sandwiches feature, differing bread types apply, such as ciabattas, michettas, and baguettes. The Deni Grill Griddle – Panini Sandwich Maker and Waffle Maker Combo will allow you to serve a sumptous spread of a Panini snack.

Its huge cooking surface presents your sandwich making adventures with a perfect place to prepare chicken breasts, burgers, seafood, and panini sandwiches, among many others.

Its removable plates will allow you to convert it into a waffle maker with ease. You can use it as a flat grill for an additional cooking surface in your kitchen. It gets these attributes from its two non-stick grill and two non-stick waffle plates.

Main Features

It measures 14 by 11.5 by 4.6 inches in dimension and weighs four pounds on your kitchen countertop. It is possible to open both its sides, lay it flat, and use the resulting surface as an additional grilling surface.

The Deni Grill Griddle – Panini Sandwich Maker and Waffle Maker Combo is a product from Cook’s Essentials. The manufacturer’s warrant details are available from your customer care agent.


Plates are easy to remove, replace, and cleanIts plates are very thin
It comes with two non-stick waffle platesFailure to follow instructions leads to soggy and burned bread.
It has two non-stick grilling platesIt does not have on-off switch, which means unplugging to power off.
It is easy to clean and dishwasher compliant 


For anyone who is not crazy about sliced bread sandwiches and prefer a Panini sandwich instead, this is the appliance for you.

The Deni Grill Griddle – Panini Sandwich Maker and Waffle Maker Combo is a basic kitchen appliance with designer looks and size.





 Different people in countries all over the world consider sandwiches a staple food. Sandwiches are easy to prepare and contain important nutrients. Kitchen countertop appliances, such as an egg sandwich maker, introduce elements of fun into the preparation process while making the dish tastier and more presentable.

With the hassles of modern living, any appliance that makes cooking faster and simpler is much appreciated. One tenet of the best sandwich maker you need to identify is speedy preparation for your breakfast, lunch, dinner or in-between snack. This way, you get to cover your nourishment needs as you go about your demanding life.

The Cuisinart-WM-SW2FR-Sandwich-Maker enables you prepare two different sandwiches at a go. You can customize each one to your preferences, where one may cover you protein and mineral needs while the other covers your carbohydrates and vegetable needs.

What It Does For You

This kitchen countertop appliance is a sandwich grill that does much more than lunch sandwiches.

It will give you the power to make French toast omelets.

It was created with a design that allows the grilling of two food items in one round. With this appliance, a superb breakfast, lunch or light dinner sandwich is minutes away.

The Cuisinart-WM-SW2FR-Sandwich-Maker is compact, easy to use and clean.

To enjoy its well known grilled cheese sandwich maker recipe product, simply spread small butter amounts on toast bread slices, put them in this sandwich maker, with cheese in the middle.

Within five minutes, you will have better tasting, and crispier, grilled cheese sandwiches than any you could make on a fry-pan.

Whichever way you choose to make your sandwiches with this appliance, you will have fresh and economical snacks. This is opposed to frozen, additive and preservative packed versions sold at grocery stores and drive-throughs.

Finally, no one loves cleaning up the fatty mess after preparation. This appliance saves you from this agony because it is easy to clean and its removable parts are dishwasher compliant.

Its Main Features

The Cuisinart-WM-SW2FR-Sandwich-Maker is white in color and measures 10.2 by 5.7 by 10.3 inches in dimension. It weighs 2.9 pounds and comes from Cuisinart. The manufacturer’s warranty details are available from your customer service agent.

It comes with reversible cooking plates that are also non-stick. You can remove these plates with ease for easier cleaning while re-asssembly is just as easy.

Temperature is adjustable, which allows you to cook different dishes with ease.


Lets you grill two sandwiches at a goThe model has shallow pockets
You can make French Toast and OmelletsIts cord is short meaning you need an extention cable.


The Cuisinart-WM-SW2FR-Sandwich-Maker is a complete solution when it comes to sandwiches. It works splendidly particularly for the single person or couple faced with the daily demands that make preparing full meals difficult.

Disney DCM-5 Classic Mickey 2-Slice Sandwich Maker, Black 



For the young and young at heart, having a homemade sandwich with the silhouette of Mickey Mouse adds to the excitement of a hearty meal. This is what the Disney DCM-5 Classic Mickey 2-Slice Sandwich Maker, Black promises.

This sandwich maker is awesome as reviews attest to kids loving Mickey Mouse on their sandwiches. They love the excitement their friends display on seeing the cartoon silhouette on their sandwiches.

Adults who have grown up adoring Mickey Mouse also attest to their excitement as they enjoy their silhouetted sandwiches.

Find more Disney and mickey mouse kitchen appliances and also check out our flick themed kitchen collection.

Its Attractive Utilities

With this grilled cheese sandwich maker, you can prepare two sandwiches each round, all with an imprint of the revered cartoon character. Preparation is made so easy with the non-stick cooking surfaces. These make baking, and the inevitable cleaning up after, not only easy but fun too.

It has indicator lights that enable precise food preparation at the right temperature. The indicator lights come with the added advantage of a Mickey Mouse shape, making the sandwich preparation an even more exciting undertaking.

This appliance gives you the power to bake pizza pockets, turkey artichokes, and grilled cheese, besides other creations you can think of for your sandwiches.

The Main Features

This is a 110 volt powered electric sandwich maker and a product from the kitchen arm of Select Brands Inc. It measures 9.2 by 7.6 by 3.5 inches in dimensions. It is black in color and weighs 3.6 pounds on your kitchen countertop. The manufacturer’s warranty details can be provided by the customer service provider.

Its baking plates have been made from non-stick materials, the main components can be detached and are dishwashing compatible. This means cleaning up and storage are simple chores.

Temperature and food readiness indicator lights allow precise food preparation and have the unique Mickey Mouse marque as its display. In addition, its design enables hot toasting sandwiches with a silhouette of the famous cartoon.


The Mickey Mouse imprinted silhouette is an incentative to children to eat up their meal.Continous uninterrupted use makes the handles very hot requiring mitts to operate
It imprints the Mickey Mouse silhouette on every kind of bread, including whole wheat and white bread slices.Its two compartments are small therefore wide bread slices require edge trimming.


The Disney DCM-5 Classic Mickey 2-Slice Sandwich Maker, Black makes perfectly toasty and melty sandwiches.

That and the fact that each sandwich will have an imprint of the famous Mickey Mouse silhouette makes this product a must have, especially for Disney cartoon fans.

What To Consider While Purchasing A Sandwich Maker

A sandwich maker is a critical appliance to have in any household. The question remains how to pinpoint the best sandwich maker to purchase. There are numerous manufacturers out there making quality appliances. This can make picking one an overwhelming affair.

There are however a few issues to consider before you can venture out in search of the apt appliance.

One: Types

This kind of appliance has three main categories.

The open fire version, often made out of pie cast iron, is one. It works through placing bread slices and preferred fillings in the device, closing the lid, and exposing it to an open fire using a long and strong handle.

Another category is the cermic gas or electric hob sandwich maker. It is made of scratch resistant, non-stick material, usually ceramic or titanium coating.Its heat source is either gas or electric, depending on the model. Sandwiches are deep and disc shaped. It can be used to make a small meal besides a wide variety of snacks.

The third category is the electric sandwich maker. It is entirely electric powered and has numerious versions and branding. Versions include the grilled sandwich maker, the egg sandwich maker or one with multi functions such as the 3 in 1 sandwich maker.

Brands have come up with excellent recipes to work with their appliances, such as Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker recipes.

Two: Space

Determine how much space you have to spare on your kitchen countertop, drawers, or shelves for sandwich making. This will determine the dimensions of your preferred appliance. Its ease of assembly or dismantling means it easier to put away in shelves or drawers when not in use. Its looks determine if you can keep it on your sleekly designed countertop or away in a drawer.

Three: Utility

A non-stick cooking surface gives you easier cleaning with no scrapping off remains from the surface. Sandwiches are about a fast meal and require simple operations in an appliance. This demands simple but precise controls such as ready indicator lights, detachable, easy to clean components and dishwashing machine compatibility.

Four: Components

 Go for appliance handles made of ever cool-to-the touch tough material. Plastic handles will not last long, especially if you make sandwiches often. Look for brands that offer extras, such as drip trays to catch excess grease from layering. Adjustable temperature control make you in charge of the cooking process. Brand specific recipes give you a great starting point from which you can learn how to prepare even better sandwiches.

Five: Price Tag

A top brand will cost more irrespective of comparable specifications. So do additional features in an appliance such as 3 in 1 sandwich maker functions compared to an egg sandwich maker. In addition, a bigger cooking surface appliance that allows cooking of two or more sandwiches at a go will be dear compared a single sandwich maker.

In a nutshell, figure out the type, space you have, utilities you need met, components you require, and your budget before you can set out in search of the best sandwich maker for your home.

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