Best Disney Movies And Their Disney Themed Kitchen Collection

Lets go down memory lane with the best Disney movies of all times and their Disney themed kitchen appliances  that you will love.

Walt Disney deserves a standing ovation from all of us. We all have fresh memories of these Disney animated movies that we enjoy and can relate to even as grown-ups.

We are all guilty of watching animated movies and actually enjoying them despite the stigma that they are designed for kids; we enjoyed them then, and we still enjoy them now. So kudos Walt Disney for keeping the good work!

Disney no doubt knows its audience well; their films are so family friendly and are based on real life problems that everyone can reflect upon. People therefore see value in watching these movies and this has kept the fire burning over the years.




1. Mickey Mouse: Steambot Willie

The steamboat Willie movie an old school movie was the very first movie produced by Walt Disney in 1928 among two others.

Mickey MouseThe story is about Mickey pausing as a captain as he dances and haves fun when navigating along the river. He sounds the boats 3 whistles and gets pissed off when the smallest whistle doesn’t respond like he expected. Mickey is the self proclaimed captain until the real captain Pete comes and instructs Mickey to go and do his work. He obeys and while leaving he sticks his tongue out to Pete’s back , and he ends up accidentally kicking his own butt.

This is one comical movie that you cant help but laugh out loud.

In one of the scenes we see Minnie Mouse desparately running to board the boat and in the process her clothes get hooked on the cargo crane, she however manages to get on board but accidentally drops her m guitar and one goat eats her music sheets. Mickey then uses the goat as a phonograph and the cows teeth as a xylophone and they start dancing.

Pete comes and orders Mickey to go do his job which was to peel potatoes . The annoying parrots start with his irritating laugh and Mickey swings a potato in her direction so that the bird falls into the water. The film ends when Mickey is laughing so hard.

Mickey Mouse Themed Kitchen Collection

Back to Basics Disney Ice Cream Maker

Mickey Mouse Chocolate Fountain,

Disney Classic Mickey Mouse Toaster

Mickey Mouse 5 quart Oval Slow Cooker with 20 oz Dipper

Classic Mickey Mouse DCM-12 Waffle Maker

Disney Mickey Mouse Kitchen Teapot

Disney Utensil Set, Mickey Mouse

Disney World Parks Mickey Mouse Kitchen Sink Strainer

Method Minnie Mouse Foaming Hand Wash,

Salt and Pepper Set

Mickey Mouse and Friends Fridge Magnets

Minnie Mouse Infuser Bottle

Mug Warmer

Disney Mickey & Minnie Mouse Sketch Ceramic Spoon Rest

Disney Oven Mitt Pot Holder & Dish Towel Mickey Minnie Mouse 3 pc Kitchen Set

Disney Park Exclusive Mickey Mouse Glove Hand Ceramic Spoon Rest

Disney Mickey Mouse Colorful Kitchen Canister Black

Disney Mickey Mouse Plastic Black Measuring Spoons

Ceramic Cookie Jar

Mickey Mouse Popcorn Air Popper

Ceramic Cookie Jar, 8.5-Inch, Disney Mickey and Friends Road Trip

Disney Mickey Mouse And Minnie Mouse Ceramic Cookie Jar

Minnie Mouse Popsicle Maker

Mickey Minnie Mouse & Friends Shaped Cake Pop Maker Set

Minnie Mouse Lunchtime, Dining, & Back to School Bundle

Disney Sweet Holiday Treats Mickey Mouse And Friends Christmas Cookie Jar

Goofy Ceramic Cookie Jar

Disney Mickey Mouse Cookie Jar,

Disney Sandwich Crust Cutter

Disney Minnie Mouse Ceramic Cookie Jar

Disney Parks Mickey Mouse Icon Silicone on Metal Dog Cat Pet Dish Small

Disney Parks Minnie Mickey Mouse Bride Groom Porcelain Wedding Figurine Cake Topper

Disney Parks Exclusive Non-Stick Mickey Mouse Egg Ring

Disney Vintage Mickey Mouse Teapot;

Zak Designs Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers

Disney Minnie Mouse Gourmet Cooking Set

Disney Mickey Mouse Premium Spatula Pancake Flipper Turner

Minnie Mouse Kitchen Play Set Pots n Pans

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2. Star Wars Series

Star wars is one of the, most popular movies created. It was written by George Lucas, produced and distributed by Walt Disney. It is an opera franchise that was centered on a film series. It is more than a space movie which has become phenomenal around the globe. The producer of Star Wars initially was Lucas film in 2102 but Walt Disney latter bought the company for $4.06 Billion.

Star Wars

Star Wars dates back in 1977 and 9 movies have been created out of it and 3 are still in preparation to be released in 2018,2019 and 2020 respectively. The franchise holds a Guinness World Record for the most successful movie. It is estimated that the value of the franchise is an estimated $42 Billion.

The three first movies are the original trilogy, then the next three are prequels and the rest are sequels; these series do not follow a specific chronological time.

The plot is about the major fight between good and evil and the various races in the community. The good side is the Jedis and the dark one is the Sith. There is a force involved which is one of the principle elements in the saga; this force is what both the dark side and the good side are looking for in order to emerge as the most powerful. while the Jedis side, are looking for peace and justice of the entire galaxy the evil side are looking for dominion and destruction.

There is a mix of romance and drama that keeps the film interesting, the reason the saga has a lot of popularity and acceptance. The love story portrays the leader of the dark side, (Darth Vader) turned to the dark side (Anakin Skywalker) after having several relationships with the good side.

The movie shows all the ambitions and greed of the human beings and how father and son can betray each other for power.


Star Wars Themed Kitchen Collection

Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker

Star Wars Darth Vader Oven Mitt – Silicone Heat Resistant

Star Wars BB-8 Measuring Cup Set

Star Wars 2-Slice Toaster

Star Wars Mug – Darth Vader Helmet 3D Ceramic Coffee and Drink Mug with Removable Lid

Wooden embossing rolling pin with Star Wars pattern for homemade cookies.

Star Wars Rogue One Death Star Popcorn Maker – Hot Air Style with Removable Bowl

Star Wars Salt and Pepper Shakers

Star Wars BB-8 Waffle Maker

Star Wars Ceramic Darth Vader and Storm Trooper Salt and Pepper Shakers

Star Wars Death Star Kitchen Timer with Lights and Sounds

Death Star Grinder With BONUS Kief Scraper

DecoPac Star Wars The Force Awakens DecoSet Cake Topper

CLEAN / DIRTY Star Wars LEGOs – Dishwasher Magnet.

Fully Functional Metal Star Wars Millenium Keychain Bottle Opener

Star Wars Cake Pan

Underground Toys Star Wars Home Kitchen Pizza Cutter Lightsaber

Plastic Blue Light Saber Water Bottle with Screw-on Lid

Jollylife Silicone Mold Ice Cube Tray Ball

Star Wars Darth Vader, Cupcake Rings

Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set

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3. Frozen

This 3D computer-animated musical fantasy film was produced in 2013 by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. It is inspired by the Hans Christian Andersen´s tale called “The Snow Queen”. Its’ great reputation made Frozen one of the top animated movies ever made.

It cost $150 million to be made but it reached an unbelievable amount of $1.3 billion in profits. This situation put the movie in the first place as the animated movie with the largest amount of profit ever made. Many theater shows, attractions, and merchandise in the world are based on Frozen.

Due to its great acceptance among fans and people, the producers have been working on a sequel that is estimated to be released by the end of 2019. A sequel that has the fans really excited and anxious.

Disney -frozen ANNAThe plot is about these two princesses Elsa and Anna, where Elsa who is the older sister has cryokinetic magic which basically means ice magic. She only used her powers when playing with Anna. One day Elsa accidentally harms Anna with her magic, and thus the need to keep the power a secret and under control because it could be dangerous for the people around her. As aresult the two sisters were isolated from each other until coronation day when Elsa looses control of her powers.

The movie shows the actual true love of family and that no matter what are the obstacles, if you truly love someone you will find the ways to be with them even if requires putting your life in danger. It also teaches the value of friendship and the importance of having good friends that are with you no matter the circumstances.

Most importantly it shows that the appearances are not always what they look like, Kristoff who was a dumb hunter turned out to be a great friend. On the other hand, Hans who was kind and humble at the beginning turned out to be a really bad person. And that song let it go …I just love the message

Frozen Themed Kitchen Collection

Disney DFR-14 Frozen Ice Cream Maker, White

Disney DFR-613 Frozen Snow Cone Maker

Disney Frozen Fever Deluxe Cake / Cupcake Topper Decorating Kit

Disney Frozen Olaf Waffle Maker

Disney Frozen ~ Elsa & Anna ~ 3-piece Mealtime

Disney Frozen Anna Elsa Olaf Sven Mealtime Dinnerware Set

Disney Frozen Real Cupcakes / Cookies Baking Set Bundle

Disney Frozen 4 pc Kitchen Set

Disney Frozen Trolls Magnetic Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Disney Frozen Elsa & Anna Magnetic Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Disney Frozen Magnetic Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Disney Frozen Waffle Maker

Disney Frozen Do You Want to Build a Snowman? Magnetic Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shaker Set


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4. Zootopia

A 2016 Walt Disney animation, Zootopia is a new school comedian-adventure type of movie that talks of the history of Judy Hopps a bunny from the rural town, Bunny burrow, who was determined to fulfill her dreams of becoming a police officer. These dreams were not just dreams for Judy, in an environment where her family expected her to keep up the family business as a farmer and she was always bullied in school. The circumstances were harsh, but the zeal was strong. She wanted to be different, to do something greater than the norm; she wanted to prove wrong the stereotypes and achieve her dreams just like anyone else. Judy Hopps sure did achieve her dreams, graduated with exemplary honors and got to the police academy, became the first female police and solved a very complictaed case within a very short time.

The moral of the story is that hard work pays off, no matter what people say to discourage you, don’t listen, forge forward and achieve it. The only thing that matters is the size of your heart. Forgiveness is also a virtue highlighted, Judy forgave Gideon Gray, the childhood bully; this also shows that there is something good in everyone.

In the case of Nick Wild, they did not have a great start but they eventually became best of friends and partners as well.

Zootopia Kitchen collection

Zootopia Fridge Magnets 6 Pcs Set


Zootopia Snack Bottle Exclusive snack and bottle in one

Zootopia Kitchen Doormat

ZOOTOPIA Birthday Party Edible 1/4 Sheet Image Frosting Cake Topper icing

Zootopia Luncheon Napkins

5. Toy Story

Toy Story is now an important Disney’s franchise. This movie was a turning point in the history of animation, since it was one of the first fully animated 3D movies. The story is as engaging as the animation, and it marked a whole generation.

Toy story has been considered one of the best productions ever made. It is a computer –animated movie that was produced by Pixar Animation studios back in 1995 and was released by Walt Disney picture. It cost $30 million and whopped a clean $373.6 million in profits. It received nominations for various awards including, best original song, best original screenplay and managed a 3rd one on a Special Achievement Academic Award. Toy story has 3 sequels, Toy story 2 and Toy story 3 a new sequel is still underway due to public demand.

The story is about the life story of Woody who happened to be the toy leader and Andy’s favorite. Andy’s mom had gotten him for his birthday and it ended up as his best toy during his adventures.

When Buzz arrived, Andy’s attention drifted from Woody and this made him feel bad and a little jealous and with this in mind, he purposed to get rid of Buzz. He decides to go after Buzz but in the process, they both get kidnapped by their evil neighbor Sid who was been planning to set Buzz up with a framework.

After being kidnapped, Woody feels guilty and feels obliged to come up with exit strategy to save both of them. After long planning and execution, they both manage to escape. On their way they meet Andy who is driving towards his new home. They all are happy to unite and things go back to normal.Woody apologizes for his mistake and they all forgive him and choose to move on.

This movie teaches that jealousy is a very dangerous game. It also shows that enemies can turn out to be friends if they chose to forgive.


Toy Story Kitchen Collection


Disney Pixar Toy Story Buzz and Woody Ceramic Mug,

Toy Story Tin Tote

Westland Giftware Buzz Lightyear Cookie Jar

Woody and Jessie Cookie Jar

Toy Story Cupcake Rings

Toy Story Fridge Magnets 6 Pcs Set

Disney’s Toy Story Licensed Edible Cake Topper

Disney Pixar Toy Story Collage Pint Glass,

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Moana is another successful animated film for Walt Disney. Moana means deep sea or great masses of water in the Moari language. It was produced in 2016 by the same minds behind Aladdin, little mermaid and Hercules, movies that were enjoyed in the 90’s, Moana is listed as number 56 after Zootopia, got two nominations for the Academic Awards for best original song and best animated feature and fetched in $642 million dollars in profit on release. This is definitely worth a watch!

The story is about a goddess called “Te Fiti” who lived some 3,000 years ago and is the creator of all islands around the Pacific Ocean and had responsibility over humanity and vegetation. Maui the demigod stole the goddess’s heart to harness its power, but things didn’t go as he had planned.

Generations latter, a 16 year old Moana, daughter to one of the tribes leader was determined to change her Pacific Island for the better. She had been told stories of the extinguishing islands and set out to go on a rescue mission.

Moana met Maui and they purposed to journey and find the sacred island to restore the heart of “Te Fiti”.

Moana and Maui had so many personal differences when they were starting out. Maui was selfish and all he wanted was to become the strongest demi god while Moana on the other hand wanted to save the island and give it back to their native owners and family.

The movie emphasizes the value of teamwork and compromise for common benefit. Sometimes we need to put our differences, greed and personal interests for the benefit of all.


Moana Kitchen collection

Disney Moana Fishhook Mug

Disney Moana Birthday Party Pack

Disney Moana Adventures In Oceania DecoSet Cake Decoration

Moana Coffee Mugs Travel Mugs

Moana Movie Large Magnets 1.75 inch Disney Hawaii Maui HeiHei Title B

Kids Disney Moana Little Chef apron and cap set

6 Disney Moana Stickers Birthday Sipper Cups with lids Party Favor Cups

Mealtime Set with plate, bowl, and tumbler featuring graphics from Moana, Break resistant and BPA free, 3 piece set


7. Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast makes you think old school, success, platinum’s and record sales. Produced in 1991, Walt Disney based its story line on Jeanne-Marie L Beaumont book version. It emerged the best movie in the Academic Award, listed as one of the most romantic movies in the USA and managed as one of the first animations films to reach the $100 million mark. This was clearly a success story which has been clearly demonstrated by the many remake versions of the film, with the latest being 2017.

The story starts from a castle that is far and wide where a well groomed, handsome, rich but selfish and arrogant prince has a party on one winter night. An old homeless woman was passing by and knocked in the palace doors to request for shelter from the harsh cold weather outside in exchange for a rose.

The whole castle ridiculed the woman and her rose and asked her to leave. What they were to find out is that the old woman was a witch, she immediately changed her aspect and turned into a beautiful fine girl and cursed the prince for his selfishness, his servants for being so heartless and the castle as well. The prince then turned to a beast, his servants turned into objects, and the castle remained in winter state forever.

The witch dropped the rose and warned the prince that if he dint find true love before all the petals of the rose fell off, he would remain a beast forever.

Bella who was the beauty of the town was very instrumental in the lifting of the curse. She met the beast afte her father had been detained by the prince turned beast for picking a flower in his garden. in a mission to save her old sickly dad Bella had her dad released and wshe as jailed instead. Its after spending lots of time together that they fell in love and the curse was lifted.

This story passes the message that despite your outward look, we can all find love. No matter how selfish, greedy arrogant anyone is, they always have a soft spot for kindness.

Beauty and the Beast Kitchen Collection

Beauty and the Beast Champagne Glass Set

Beauty and The Beast Sugar Bowl

Beauty and The Beast Vinyl Wall Clock

Disney Parks Beauty and the Beast Be Our Guest 20 piece Flatware Set

Disney Parks Beauty and the Beast Chip Ceramic Mug

Funko POP Disney Beauty and the Beast: Lumiere

Disney Princess Beauty and the Beast Dancing Glitter Plastic Cold Cup with Lid and Straw,

Disney Princess Beauty and the Beast School Lunch Bag Belle Insulated Snack Bag

Disney Collection Beauty and the Beast Tea Set

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8. Aladdin

Aladdin is an animated movie for kids based on a poor guy living in the streets of Agrabah, an Arabian city where he had hard times surviving, he survived on stolen food from the market which brought him and his monkey friend trouble with the residents.

He is a clever and quick guy that always found a way out of any street troubles. He was very care-free until he saw a girl who happened to be Princess Jasmine, the daughter of the Sultan, who had already set everything to marry her daughter to the evil Jafar; the sultan’s sorcerer against her wishes.

Aladdin’s luck changes when he enters a hidden cave in where he finds a magic lamp in which a genie was living, and once he released him, he told Aladdin that he was ready to serve him and that he had three wishes to be granted.

Aladdin develops a very close relationship with the genie and decides to use his wishes to turn into a prince and manage Prince Jasmine’s love. Aladdin turns into a prince and tries to impress Jasmine but she is not into him because she thinks he is just a clown. But Aladdin finds the way to take Jasmine out on his magic carpet and they go around the world.

Jafar manages to steal the lamp and gets his three wishes also, so he tricks his guards and orders them to look for Aladdin and catch him and throw him into the water. But Aladdin uses another wish and summons Genie, who saves him and takes him back to the palace, where Aladdin confronts Jafar, who wanted to marry Jasmine not for love but to become a prince and later kill the king and the daughter : that way he would be the new king.

After witnessing this, the Sultan is happy to give her daughter to Aladdin and they lived happily together forever.

Aladdin Kitchen Collection

Disney Store Disney Fairytale Designer Collection Princess Jasmine and Aladdin Mug/Coffee Cup

Disney Store Princess Jasmine Aladdin Plastic Drink Water Bottle

Disney Store Aladdin Art of Jasmine Mug – Pink

Lunch Box – Disney – Jasmine And Aladdin


9. Tangled

This movie Tangled is still the most expensive animated film with an estimated cost of $260million, experts took their time on this ,one a good 6 years to develop its edge! It’s a 2010 production made by the original masters Walt Disney studios. This fantasy –comedy that was so popular ,that it got enough nominations and whooped a good 591 million dollars!

The story begins when a drop of the sun drops on the planet and it turns into a nice golden flower that has some magic powers. An old witch called Gothel finds the flower and keeps it to herself. The flower had rejuvenation powers that allowed the witch to rejuvenate from time to next and this meant she had everlasting life. How cool!

Word went around about the magic flower and the queens soldiers started looking for it and got it in Gothels possession. The queen had been ailing for a while and she was expecting a baby ; this flower was all she needed to feel better. The queen finally ave birth to princes Rapunzel who had magical golden hair.

Gothel then abducted little Rapunzel and hid her in a high tower that was hidden deep in the woods where she stayed for 18 years, her hair grew back ,long thick and magical.its During this time that Rapunzel finds a funny and lovely companion Flynn Rider who was a thief and wishes to take Rapunzel back to her kingdom.

The two together with Maximus who was a white horse, Rapunzel’s pet Pascal, a chameleon travelled together towards the kingdom.

The teachings we learn here is that human beings just like Gothel are greedy by nature and they desire power at all costs. This film also shows that good and positive action produces good results. Flynn Rider was forgiven by the kingdom and was allowed to be good friends with Rapunzel after all the kind deeds he showed to Rapunzel.

Tangled Kitchen Collection

Disney Tangled Rapunzel Pascal Cereal Bowl for Kids

Tangled Rapunzel Princess Edible Image Photo 8″ Round Cake Topper Sheet

Disney Princess Tangled Rapunzel Figure Play Set – 7 Piece Figurine Cake Toppers Playset


10. Cinderella

Cinderella is the most talked about animations, created in 1950 by Walt Disney and released by RKO Radio Pictures, the movie has a live-action remake produced in 2015. The movies estimated profit was $263.6 million, t was nominated for 3 Academy Awards for best music, sound and best song.

Cinderella is the most popular princess and the most preferred among girls world over.

The message is quite inspiring and the demand was blowing up they had to come up with sequels, Cinderella 2: Dream Come True & Cinderella 3: A twist in Time.

Cinderella is the story of a young orphan girl who was very kind and humble; she was adopted by a cruel stepmother who treated her as a slave. Lady Tremine, Drizella and Anastasia Cinderella’s stepsister treated her with lots of hatred and jealousy despite her humbleness.

Cinderella did not have any friends; she was in the house all the time and all she could talk to are mice and birds.

On the other part of the city, the king prepared a big ball for his prince to choose a lady that would steal his heart. Girls from all over the town and outside prepared for this great day.

Cinderella’s fairy godmothers make her an elegant dress and a carriage that would take her to the ball. She had one condition though, to be back home by 12pm and she had to keep time. During the ball they have a chat with Prince Harry who becomes very impressed. Unfortunately, it get to 12 and its time for Cinderella to go. She dashed out in a rush before she even got to tell the prince her name. She however leaves her crystal shining slipper which the prince uses to find Cinderella.

When the prince finally finds Cinderella she asks her to be his wife. This marked the end of her boring old life.

This film teaches us the values of kindness and humility. Cinderella was very humble and did her work without complaining. Lady luck came her way and this changed her life for the better.

Cinderella Themed Kitchen Collection

VillaWare V55201Stainless Steel Cinderella Toaster

Westland Giftware Disney Cinderella When The Clock Strikes Midnight Magnetic Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shaker Set, Multicolor

Disney Parks Cinderella Fairy Godmother Mug Even Miracles Take a Little Time

Disney Cinderella Cindy Blue Wastebasket

Disney Fairy Tale Princesses Ariel Cinderella and More Canister Cookie Jar

Princesses Cinderella and Prince Charming Dance 4-Inch Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shakers

Westland Giftware Cinderella and Glass Slipper Magnetic Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shaker Set, 4-Inch

Disney Cinderella’s Carriage Ceramic Cookie Jar,

Westland Giftware Ceramic Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shaker Set, Disney Cinderella’s Carriage,

Cinderella Jaq and Gus Tea Cup Figurine “Tea For Two”

VillaWare V55200 Cinderella Waffler, Blue

Princess Skirt Cinderella Funny Kitchen Apron



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11. Peter Pan

Peter Pan is a classic that was released in 1953 by the legendary Walt Disney studios .It has gained a wonderful reputation and brand recognition with attractions such as franchises, games and plays that have borrowed the theme from this movie.

Even though peter pan is the protagonist of the movie, Tinker belle his fairy companion who accompanies him in all his missions and adventures.

The movie is a narration by Wendy who is the protagonist narrating the peter Pan Adventures to his siblings John and Michael who are very excited. Wendy’s father is however not too happy with Wendy and he decides to lock her up in solitude so that she will not infect her brothers with her fantasy tales.

One night Peter Pan goes looking for his shadow in the kid’s room and accidentally awakes Wendy. After finding out Wendy’s father intentions, Peter Pan offers to take her and her brothers to Never Land where he lives , they accept. Tinkerbelle sprays some magic powder on them and they fly away.

Peter Pans main agenda was to defeat Captain Hook, a villain that hates Peter Pan for making him loose his land and remained with a hook.

Slowly, Tinkerbelle views Wendy with jealousy since she feels Wendy is slowly replacing their friendship with Peter. Tinkerbelle eventually puts all of the in a compromising situation which causes Wendy and her brother to go back to London where they belong and shared their adventurous stories with their father.

Despite its commendable ratings, the move has been accused of racism against the Native Americans. They portray some native kids who are savage and uncivilized with some references such as red skin.

Despite being a great movie with a great message, it also shows some racism against Native Americans, which is something many people have complained about. In a part of the movie, there are some native kids who are seen as savages and not civilized. In fact, Captain Hook refers to them as red skins.

The morals of the story are on jealousy. It shows that jealousy is a bad feeling that may drive you to do undesired things to you and your fellows

Peter Pan Themed Kitchen Collection

Unisex Vintage Peter Pan Captain James Hook Captain Hook 100% Polyester Chef Kitchen Apron One Size

Westland Giftware Magnetic Ceramic Disney Peter Pan and Friends Salt and Pepper Shaker Set, 4.5-Inch

Ceramic Teapot, 35-Ounce, Disney Peter Pan You Can Fly

Disney Tinkerbell Large Coffee Mug / Soup Cup

Society6 Peter Pan In Watercolor Travel Mug

Disney PP032 Peter Pan Ceramic Mug,


12. Jungle Book

Jungle book is a classic that most can relate to, it was inspired by a book by Rudyard Kipling (1894). It was produced in 1967, it marked the last film produced by the legendary Walt Disney before he passed on. It cost him $4 million to produce the movie and it managed to generate $205.8 in profits. The film has a postscript “The Jungle Book 2” which was released latter in 2003 and a live-action adaption was released in 2016.

The story revolves around the story of Mowgli, an orphan that was found in a basket somewhere in the jungles of India by a black panther by the name Bagheera. The panther was touched and took Mowgli to a pack of wolves for security.

On her 10th birthday, word goes round that a man eating tiger is in jungle.

Bagheera tries to take Mowgli to the human world but gets so frustrated along the way and finally lets Mowgli go. Mowgli meets Baloo and they became best friends and swore never to separate. Baloo was happy to teach Mowgli survival techniques among them self defense. Mowgli however is abducted by monkeys who mock him by asking him to share human techniques such as lighting fire which Mowgli had no idea of any techniques.

Shere Khan the tiger eventually finds Mowgli and put up with so much fight, he then burns his tail and runs away. This showed that the jungle was not safe for Mowgli and with the help of Baloo and Bagheera; Mowgli was taken to a human village. Although t was against his wish, Mowgli slowly sees people of his kind and gradually gets comfortable.

This movie shows the importance of friendship and the lessons that come with it. Mowgli was not an animal but he got overwhelming love and support from the same.


Jungle Book Themed Kitchen Collection

The Jungle Book 40th Anniversary Small Tin Lunch Snack Box

“The Jungle Book” Morphing Mug

Jungle Book Mowgli And Shanti Salt and Pepper Shaker Set


Ceramic Cookie Jar, Bear Hug, Multicolor

Magnetic Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shaker Set, King Louie and Mowgli, Multicolor

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13. Pocahontas

Pocahontas is an animated epic musical romantic drama film produced in 1995 by Walt Disney Feature Animation. The film made $346 million and only cost $55 million to be made and had good critics regarding music and animation.

This great movie won a lot of different awards, among them; they won two Academic Awards for best original song, and best musical or comedy score

The principal topic in the film is how love and war combine into one. Being the first focus the life of Native Americans, their tribes, culture, and religion. And the plot goes around the fight between English people and Natives because they wanted to colonize their lands.

Nevertheless, the differences between the two cultures are reduced due to the love that John Smith (the captain of the English) feels for Pocahontas. Showing that both cultures can reach a consensus and peace between them.

In the movie, Pocahontas is submissive even though she is considered as a free soul, reason why the tribe blames her for all the things they are going through due to her relationship with the captain John Smith. The Natives believes that Pocahontas is breaking the rules and norms of the tribe.

Despite all the modifications of what really happened, Pocahontas is a great movie with a great messages. It shows the value of love and and that it doesn’t matter your status, your culture, religion, etc. If the love is pure you can do everything.

It is also a good way to show history to small kids, putting away all the wars and suffering that really occurred in the past.

Pocahontas Themed Kitchen Collection


Disney’s Pocahontas & John Smith 16 oz Drinking cup

Indian Brave Action Figure Cake Topper 4 Inches Tall From Pocahontas

Pocahontas Themed Birthday Cake Topper Set Featuring Pocahontas Figure and Decorative Accessories

Pocahontas Party Cupcake Cake Topper Kit Set x8

14. Tarzan

Tarzan is an animated adventure film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation in 1999. It is based on the Tarzan of the Apes (a novel written by Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1912). By the time it was released, it was the most expensive animated movie ever made, with a budget of $130 million.

The film earned a total of $448.2 million in the world and due to its fame; a television series called The Legend of Tarzan was created.

The plot is about the life of Tarzan, an orphan kid of two scientists who were on a trip to Africa to study different species like gorillas, elephants, etc. His parents were killed by “Sabor” an African Leopard in their tent, being Tarzan the only survivor.

Kala, a female gorilla, heard Tarzan crying and went to the tent to rescue him. Kala had also lost a baby to Sabor, so she took him, went to the jungle and started raising Tarzan as her own son.

When growing up, Tarzan becomes friend with many animals, especially the elephant Tantor and Terk which was a female gorilla. Despite Tarzan having a great acceptance from other gorillas, Kerchak the chief of the gorillas didn’t like him.

Later on a team of human explorers from England make their way to the jungle. The tourists included Professor Porter and his daughter Jane and a hunter called Clayton. They had come with an interest of studying gorillas and Clayton had sinister motives.

When Tarzan discovers that the explorers were similar to him, he starts to interact and spend a lot of time with them, trusting them enough to introduce them to the gorilla’s tribe. A situation that Kerchak did not like at all.

After understanding their way of life, Clayton betrays his them by introducing his like indeed hunters to hunt down the gorillas .Tarzan feels guilty and really regrets his move that cost his family their freedom. Tarzan eventually defeats Clayton and the Professor and his daughter decide to move in with Tarzan and the gorilla family.

The greed and ambition on the humans are negatively affecting the life on many species and animals, a situation that we are living today and if we don’t take actions, it could end up being irreversible.

15. Mulan

Mulan is an animated musical action-comedy film with a Little bit of drama to it, produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation in 1998, and is based on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan. The movie has a sequel “Mulan II” released in 2003.

The budget for the movie was $90 million and it generated a gross of $304 million. It was also nominated for an Academic Award and a Golden Globe. A live-adaption remake is going to be released at the end of 2018.

The plot tells the adventures of Mulan, a young girl from a traditional Chinese family who volunteered to go to war with the Chinese empire against the Huns that were invading China. Mulan´s father was a veteran of war and too old for another war.

Mulan did not enjoy women tasks and duties as it was expected. She was interested in taking part in the war and she did it for her father. It is for this reason without saying a word she left in the next morning with her horse and her father´s sword and armor.

In those ages, it was a dishonor for women to take the responsibilities of men. It is for this reason that her ancestors woke up to deliberate on who would protect Mulan in the war.

After a funny discussion, the ancestors got to agree that Mulan’s protector should be the strongest and most powerful of them all and they settled on “Great Stone Dragon”, Mushu was the one responsible of waking him up from his “slumber”. After many attempts, the great dragon did not respond. Mushu took the responsibility, wore the dragons head and took off to go and protect Mulan.

During the war, Mulan is exposed and despite what she did, the captain Li Shang forgave her. However, Mulan didn’t give up and went to the emperor´s city to finally defeat the Huns ‘army. At the end, Mulan becomes the girlfriend of Li Shang.

This movie has a great meaning and is also educational because is actually based on a Chinese legend. It shows the power of love and will, Mulan being the only girl in the Chinese army and, after all, she ended up being the hero as well.

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  • Updated June 12, 2018