Gift Ideas For 2018 Father’s Day.


Recent years have brought with them a shift in how we perceive cooking and who’s supposed to be responsible for it and then literally putting it on the table.To that end, fathers have taken more of an active role in the kitchen, and with 2017 Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to think about some nifty gift ideas which can help our dads get around in the kitchen a lot easier and cook up delicious meals.


Knives and Accessories for Knives

The first thing we need to take care of is probably the manliest kitchen tool: The knife. And as far as the selection goes, there’s plenty to choose from, depending on what kind of a person your dad is, and how mad his skills in the kitchen are. You can go for this Chef’s Vision 6 Piece Color Set for a more artsy approach, to brighten up a kitchen and get your dad in a happy mood while chopping up the veggies and getting that steak ready.

If, however, your man of the house is more on the classic side, then you might consider the 11 Piece Kitchen Knife Set (Stainless Steel) with In-Drawer Bamboo Block Organizer. These look great, are simple in design, but do a great job in offering the flexibility you need from your knives in any kitchen, be it an amateur setting or a professional one.

The bamboo block organizer makes keeping them in their right place a breeze and saves up a lot of space – not to mention it really looks great in any kitchen, regardless of the surrounding design choices, as wood is always classy but neutral.

If, however, space is still a problem, then you can consider getting your dad or husband the 18 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder & Space-Saving Strip instead, which can be mounted on a wall, provides secure knife holding through magnets. It looks great, pairs great with the aforementioned 11-piece kitchen knife set and makes for even great space saving.

Still on knives, if your dad is a bit of a klutz, you might want to consider getting him something for protection, like this 3 Pack TruChef Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves. These will keep your dad’s or husband’s fingers safe while chopping, allowing them to practice and improve their finger position while doing this most dangerous of kitchen and cooking processes.


Barbecue and Grill Stuff

Dads love barbecues and grills. Mainly because they involve having the whole family together, along with friends, some drinking, socializing, and of course, some delicious hamburgers, hotdogs, steaks and grilled veggies.It also allows dads to shine through their barbecue skills, but there are certain things which will get them to excel at this most favorite pastime of theirs.


The first is a 3 x No.1 Set. These include silicone barbecue gloves, a silicone meat shredder and a silicone baster/brush for your grill or barbecue meats. The gloves are not only water resistant, meaning you’ll be protected from hot fluids and spills of sizzling fat and meat juices, but they also allow you handle hot food with both hands. The heat-resistant meat shredders allow for a quick food preparation, no longer having to wait for it to cool down before assembling your sandwiches or sauces.

And last, but not least, the silicone baster and brush allows for a juicy meat with a crunchy exterior – perfect for both barbecues and grills, but also for prepping your Thanksgiving turkey. As an added bonus, you also get an eBook which contains more than 300 recipes for your dad to try out and enjoy with his family.

The BBQ Grill Tools Set with 16 Barbecue Accessories –  Men Complete Outdoor Grilling Kit for Dad is probably your best barbecue and grill set you can get your dad or husband. This includes everything you could ever need at a barbecue, and then some! Everything is made out of stainless steel, meaning you can use them over and over again without having to worry they’ll rust. The high-grade steel also means these are built to last, allowing you to enjoy this beautiful and very practical set for a very long time.

Is your dad more on the fussy, science-is-key-in-cooking type? Then he surely needs a professional thermometer. The ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Remote Digital Cooking Food Meat Thermometer with Dual Probe for Smoker Grill Oven BBQ is excellent in making sure that the meat your dad cooks is always at the right temperature, resulting in a range of available options: from perfect medium rare, to perfectly overdone when preferred that way. Never again will there be a need for guesswork when it comes to literally any kind of meat.

This Cooking Torch is a perfect companion to a barbecue and a great stepping stone into more fancy desserts, like Crème Brulee. You can use it to create the perfect corn on the cob, roast veggies like eggplant and melt cheeses in no time.

Last, but definitely not least, this set of Fox Run Brands Bamboo Skewers are amazing for creating the perfect seafood, meat and veggies or even fondue skewer meals in no time, and without having to worry about them once done, as you have 100 4-inch pieces per pack.


So, take your pick – any of these Father’s Day gift ideas will work perfectly for a dad who wants to get around in the kitchen more aptly than before. You can show him that you support his dedication and are doing your part to improve his skills. Happy Father’s Day!

  • Betty
  • Updated May 23, 2018